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Rotary Feeding Valve is very unique device to supply or discharge materials like Dust, Powder etc. very evenly in pneumatic conveyance system and our products have Stability, Solidity and Air tightness which are needed essentially for .Rotary Valve
Our accurate & precise skill in treatment process makes it possible to supply Rotary Valve for high pressure air tightness system as well as for normal system.. 


The proper size/capacity of Rotary Valve can be calculated with following formula.
Also Table of selection by conveyance capability & rotation of Rotary Valve(“Click here”) provided by our company can be used as a general guide in selection of size/capacity.

Q = G / r * ηV
Q=(transportation content ㎡/H)   /   G=(conveyance content)

r=(specific gravity t/㎡)   /   ηV=optimum efficiency 0.7)

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